Alex Fraundorf

Thanks for visiting my website. Most of this site is about my profession as a freelance web developer, but I don't think we can truly compartmentalize all the different areas of our life, so some of my personal life is described here, and on my blog, as well.

We all have labels. Here are some of mine:

First and foremost, I am a Christian. Don't worry, I'm not going to try to shove my beliefs down your throat and the only accommodation I request of my coworkers is that you try not to take my Lord's name in vain. If you would like to know more about what having a relationship with Jesus Christ means to me, please feel free to ask. A great website to check out is

I am a husband to a wonderful, strong woman and a father to an amazing son who teaches me something new almost every day. I am a hard worker and I get done what needs to be done, but my family comes before my career.

I am proud to live in the United States, despite all of our country's imperfections, and I believe that one of the most vital rights we have in our country is the right to free speech. I welcome differing viewpoints and have no problem at all working with people who have views or beliefs contrary to my own. I do however, have a problem with anyone who says I do not have the right to courteously voice an opposing opinion or have the right to have my view expressed and equally protected, even though it may be politically incorrect.

Web Development & Programming

Okay, down to business. I am a full stack web developer and owner of Snap Programming and Development LLC. While I am competent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL, what I really like to do is write PHP. If you need help with the heavy lifting on your server, especially with third party API integration, database integration/conversion or complicated programming tasks, then you should hire me!

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Linux & Windows

Recent Projects

Please enjoy a selection of some of my recent projects and the technologies I used on them.

Energy Transport Insider

Custom content management for free and paid content, membership subscriptions and payments. Integration with MyBB forum software.

PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, PayPal API, Merchant Account API, MyBB

Fine Fretted String Instruments

Created custom content management system for instrument inventory.

PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS

Shortline Eurocars

Custom API integration with inventory management software and custom vehicle search algorithm.

PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, Inventory Management API Integration

You can view my public code repositories at BitBucket.

Other Accomplishments

A few other activities of note.

Speaking Picture

PHP Speaker

I have spoken about PHP at the Madison PHP Conference and several meetups.
I enjoy sharing my knowledge and giving back to the open source community. Please contact me to schedule a speaking engagement.

Caption: I am talking about tightly coupled code and why its a bad thing.

Meetup Logo

Fox Cities PHP Meetup Organizer

I am the current lead organizer and frequent speaker at the Fox Cities PHP Meetup group.
Come join us!

Sitepoint Logo

Published SitePoint Author

I have had multiple articles published on SitePoint's PHP channel and continue to write occasionally on my blog.

Packt Logo

Book Reviewer

I have reviewed several web technology books for Packt Publishing.

Contact Me

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